Frequently Asked Questions

Free yourself from the grief of being in jail when you rely on the experienced bondsmen of Ms. C Bail Bonds. We believe that everybody has the right to due process of law. However, many defendants cannot effectively defend themselves because they end up in jail for the lead up and duration of their trial. This is why our bondsmen will address your jail bond requests right away. Our services are available for individuals with bailable cases in Kenansville, as well as the rest of North Carolina.

What is a bail bond?
This is a payment that is taken after a defendant has been arrested in order to get them out of jail.

What information is needed to bond someone out?
You will need valid ID. In some cases, you will be asked to provide your pay stubs.

How long does a person have to stay in jail to get a bond reduced?
The answer to this varies from county to county. Please contact us for details.

How much does it cost to bail someone out of jail?
It can cost as low as 5% of the bond they were assessed.

What is the co-signer's responsibility once the bail is posted?
Their responsibility is to ensure the defendant shows up for all of his or her court dates.

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